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“ATHENA” has been designed to release in primarly three SKUs

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This is just the base version. Suitable for decision making on basis of 5 minute period. It has latency maximum up to 30 seconds if used up to for 10 scrips simultaneously. Good for active traders and institutional traders who would like to try out automation. For static analysis it will work just fine because latency is not an issue in such scenario most of the time. On hardware front it is sufficient to have regular PC which full fill the criteria for Windows7 environment.

2. ATHENA Hyper:
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This is high speed solution and typically works with less than a second latency time for up to 50 scrips simultaneously. This is in memory solution, so hardware requirement is little high and environment should be hyper threading with minimum 16GB of RAM.

3. Trade Matrix
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This SKU has DNA of ATHENA Hyper and capable to distributed across multiple machines on the network. If strategies are very complex (computational intensive) and number of bots and scrips are high then we can take leverage of network machines by distributing the work across them. In nutshell efficiency at cost of commodity hardware. No need to invest in high performance machine and replace it every time when new machine comes in market.
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