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Our Philosophy & Belief:

We believe earlier decades in software industry were equivalent to Modern Era(to be precise Industrial Era) of manufacturing sector. It dictated process (read as software terminology and concepts) over people (domain specific needs and desires) and language of communication was highly formalized. Now, the industry is moving in Postmodern Era. It’s time for the industry to think in terms of people (domain specific needs and desires) and adapt the environment of communication of people and be informal. No more generic solutions (see end of RDBMS & SAP) to fit every domain. So, we believe it’s time to optimize the solution for the financial world and map the solution as close as possible to their language of communication and environment.

Further, we validated our thoughts with flow of changes going on in the industry. World’s leader in online retail has its own custom portal solution and does not use any standard template based solution. Interestingly, the company enjoys the league of best software companies around the world. World leader in search has no generic RDBMS database at their backend and they have developed the database which was best fit for their needs. Software development process is moving from Water Fall method to Agile, so that, they can better respond to customer needs and changes in requirements. In cloud space we are developing artifacts which will communicate with other (and even future) artifacts seamlessly using loosely defined communication protocol. No hard coded interface definition and pre- signed agreement across different components to communicate.


Our mission is to provide the optimum and innovative solutions to enterprise customers in financial sector and help them to understand the gap between what they are leveraging and what is further possible on technology front. Further, rapid changes in working processes due to technology have created a big gap between large institutions, SMEs and individual players in this segment. We will work continuously to fill this gap.

We will achieve our vision and mission by continuously innovating and developing the solutions for our customers which will assimilate without dictating radical changes in their existing environment and setup. Further, we will invest significant efforts on front of training and education to up-to-date the knowledge of our customers on front of technology and services available.


We have team with very diverse composition of Economist, Engineers and Finance Experts. On academic front our team members are with background of IIT, IIIT, IIM, CFA and work experience ranges 6-15 years in companies like Microsoft, Synopsys, Verizon, Barco etc. Our organic team structure and diversity is major strength which helps us to model the solutions to map the customer’s perspective.

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