Bazaar Analysis
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Our Values:

Core Values:

  • Integrity in all business dealings
  • Honesty with all stake holders
  • Customers are not required to provide any personal information
  • Personal or business key information they do provide will be protected as if it were our own
  • Honest marketing that aims to meet needs rather than create demand by scaring people
  • Be fully compliant with all laws of the land where ever it will operate
  • Utilize environmentally sound materials
  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle wherever possible

Team Values:

  • Building a company that is easy to do business with
  • Win-win proposition for customers, suppliers and the company
  • Maintain awesome customer support
  • "The customer is always right" mentality
  • Ability to accept and give constructive feedback
  • Listening to the feedback of our customers and the public
  • Carefully considering customer input before making major modifications to preexisting products and services
  • Delivering the highest quality, most durable & desirable products and services
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