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Automation Solutions

We have automation solutions to serve the purpose of regular active traders to large fund houses. Our automation platform “ATHENA” is capable of connecting with almost any data source (real time as well as end of the day bhavcopy) and do trading with any broker’s platform that have enabled APIs for the same. Following is ATHENA top level architecture diagram.


Our platform has been designed keeping in mind the versatility of environment and needs of the customers. It is highly layered and pluggable architecture so that we can accommodate new requirements in very short period of time.

ATHENA can be used primarily in two ways:

1. Static Analysis: User would like to filter out stocks which are meeting their complex filter criteria. These filter criteria are easy to build because most of the basic unit for the same are available as part of the system (like we assume user’s criteria will be based on one or combination of their, N period high value, average volume, volume weighted average, P/E value, various technical parameters etc.) and any new one can be integrated in system as plugin either by our customer or we can help them in developing a new one. Once these filters are built user can set periodic trigger for the same.

2. Dynamic Analysis: We have bot based system which works with real time data feed. A bot is mapped with real life persona. We can create a bot mapped with any style of decision making for trading, typically pre-configured with strategies to buy/sell, cover buy/sell, stop loss (static as well as dynamic) and money management. At the other end of the platform we have synthetic exchange where bots can place trading orders. Customer can hook any real trading platform with our synthetic exchange (currently we have plugin for Interactive Brokers  and we are in process to integrate with other leading brokers too). Synthetic exchange itself supports the feature for paper trading. One can validate the strategies in real time without hooking to any actual platform.
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