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ATHENA: Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis is very different and it has lots of human judgment involved unlike Quantitative Analysis. Machines can only assist in analyzing data and presenting facts to support a decision for buy or sell. Fundamental Analysis consists of two components:

- Quantitative analysis
- Qualitative analysis

ATHENA is fully capable of analyzing the quantitative aspects of a business and presenting a companies’ financial aspects.

On Qualitative side it helps the user through unique Meta Data Structure(MDS) to discover the dependency chain for any event occurring within the scope of fundamental analysis.

Athena eases the effort of an analyst to perform valuation of a firm. It enables

 1. Absolute valuation
i. Discount Cash flow model
ii. Dividend Discount model
iii. Free Cash Flow model
 2. Relative valuation (ratio analysis w.r.t peer companies and sectorial comparison)
i. Price multiples
ii. Enterprise multiples

Athena can perform DuPont analysis and suggest the companies on the basis of financial leverage, efficiency etc.

Scenario (or event) analysis & sensitivity analysis can be performed using Athena Engine. It would help Investment managers to understand what could be the impact of a particular event which is likely to occur or just happened. A wide range of possible events will be covered, such as:

-A change in political setup in particular state, center, or foreign country
-Crude oil price
-Monetary and Fiscal policy change
-Sector specific govt. policy etc.

To leverage the help of software we have designed intutive tool to build a dependency Meta Data Structure with and without weighted average relationship. Once we have this structure in place we can immediately get the list of companies where we may have positive/negative impact for an event which is likely to happen.
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