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ATHENA: Fundamental Analysis Scenarios

Scenario 1:

Mr. Kidwai a portfolio manager likes to know the impact of recent declaration of RBI interest cut on his own portfolio.

He will run a WHAT IF functionality on ATHENA for change in attribute ‘InterestRate’ in ‘Meta Body’ RBI from 8.5 to 8.0. ATHENA Meta Dependency algorithm will kick in and it will find out all the ‘Meta Bodies’ which are directly or indirectly dependent on this attribute and how they are going to react to this change. In case forecasting logic was also associated with them then result will come out in numeric value by which amount they are expecting dependent “Meta Body’ price will go down or up.

Scenario 2:

Mrs. Kochar an Investment Manager came to know central govt. is going to provide cheap loan (r%) to textile mills who have revenue per employee below some figure (RPE). She is interested in knowing all BSE500 companies which are going to get benefit of this policy.

She will start with a custom attribute declaration at ‘Meta Body’ Govt. Next she will create a custom Meta Event Handler which will check RPE for associated company and will command to associate this Meta Logic to all BSE 500 textiles companies. Finally she will run WHAT IF functionality and she will get list of all companies which are beneficiaries of recent policy and they belong to BSE500. All this will happen within few minutes on fly. What extra?? She will get in the same report all kinds of ratio analysis data for the companies which will help her to take decision fast.

Scenario 3:

Mr. Diwan who is portfolio manager would like to further infuse money in his existing portfolio. He would like to find all such companies in his portfolio which are undervalued on criteria of P/E but not belonging to banking sector.

He will either have such Meta Logic existing in his tool box or he will create it within few minutes using the ATHENA Logic Builder. He will execute the predictor service on his portfolio (a list of company registered with ATHENA with some specific name, we will call it portfolio) with condition to exclude banking sector scrip. Result will be available to him in few seconds to minute. He may also pass the command to order the list with higher to lower diff, or his current exposure to various company etc.

Scenario 4:

Mr. Patel, Investment Manager would like to invest huge amount in sugar sector. He has already identified the companies in which he has to invest. He wants minimum impact on his investment due to potential surge in price because of his large order quantity.
He will come out with certain rules, like

  • Buy only if price goes below certain fix price.
  • Buy only if price is less than volume weighted average price for last 10 periods
  • Buy and stop buying if price surge by 0.5% wait till it goes
  • at least 0.25% down.

Athena engine will help him in executing such rules dynamically in market hour and will do the trading also.

Scenario 5:

Mrs. Kapoor a Portfolio Manager would like to minimize the unwanted impact on her portfolio due to election result due next month. She has stocks ranging from BSE30 to BSE 500 (or beyond). She likes to hedge the potential loss using options.

ATHENA Future & Option analytic engine will help her in finding coherent stock (for stocks which are not listed in F&O section) in F&O with Beta balancing factor. It will also find out what’s the cheapest option available in similar domain. e.g. If I have TCS stock and I want to buy PUT to hedge the potential loss then ATHENA may recommend to buy WIPRO PUT because in actual calculation WIPRO might be cheaper.
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